The Pawnee Arts Center

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pawnee Arts Center as it stands as of January 2010 and in this order of importance is:

To support Pawnee artists by providing an outlet for their work at their new/old homeland in Nebraska, and to a lesser but nonetheless deliberate degree the work of other Native artists and non-Native artists pursuing Native themes or replicating traditional Native technologies;

To educate non-Native residents of south-central Nebraska about Pawnee and Native history of the area;

To provide a base for Pawnee to come to know and reclaim their Nebraska heritage;

To provide representation of the Pawnee in governmental, social, cultural contexts in Nebraska;

To make Pawnee properties in Nebraska, in particular the Pawnee Arts Center building, self-supporting;

To demonstrate to Dannebrog and the larger community that the renewed Pawnee presence will be a positive economic influence on Dannebrog, Howard County, the region and the State of Nebraska.

To receive in the name of the Pawnee Nation donations of archeological and historic artifacts for display, education, or research with the clear understanding that such items belong to the Pawnee Nation even though they may be received and held or displayed at the Pawnee Arts Center in Dannebrog;

To facilitate, provide information, and encourage the offer and negotiation of the return of properties to the Pawnee Nation through the Pawnee Nation Business Council and the Nasharo Chiefs Council, with the understanding that any and all formal negotiation and agreement remains the prerogative of those tribal agencies.

Contact information:

The Pawnee Arts Center                                                                    

106 S  Mill Street

PO Box 97

Dannebrog NE  68831

Phone: 308 226 8286

Email: [email protected]


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