Stone Toe Protection/Rock Rip Rap

These structures were utilized in the initial grant cycle and proven effective.  Rock Rip Rap/Stone Toe Protection is a lining of rock or broken concrete along the eroded streambank.  The height of the rock is determined by the amount of flow and velocity of the stream.

This is a picture of a completed site using Stone Toe Protection/Rip Rap in Greeley County, Nebraska.

Stone Toe Protection/Rock Rip Rap

Condition: 10′ to 20′ Raw bank prior to installation


  • The streambank is shaped to a slope that should not be streeper than 1.5:1.
  • Rock should be sized to fit the slope of the bank and the velocity of the flow.
  • Fabric should be placed along the streambank before the rock is placed.
  • A well graded rock provides the greatest stability and long term protection.

Cost: Approximately $60 per linear foot, quarrying, transporting, and amount of stone needed, and placing the stone must be considered.