Erosion Practices

You can help your Watershed!

We all live in a watershed area of land that drains rain and snow to a stream, lake, wetland, or the ocean.  Pollutions washed fromthe land is a leading reason why many of our watersheds are in trouble.

How you can help your Watershed!

In your home…

  • Don’t let the water run! Fix leaks and install water saving faucets and toilets.
  • Choose environmentally friendly household products.
  • Maintain your septic tank to prevent leaks from polluting nearby waters.

In your yard…

  • Use hardy plants that need little water, fertilizers, or presticides.
  • Know plant and woil needs before applying garden chemicals.
  • For decks, patios, and walkways, use surfaces that allow rain to soak in.

In your community…

  • Don’t dump used oil or antifreeze into the storm drain or street.  Recycle them!
  • Pick up after your dog!
  • Tune up your car and check for leaks.  Try walking, biking, or car pooling.
  • Get involved in your watershed!