15 County Bio-Business Friendly Energy Group

North Central Nebraska Biomass Project Completed

Press release: April 2011

Members of the Loup Basin RC&D and North Central RC&D presented the Completed Feasibility Study to the Rural Development Commission.  Pictured are Front row left to right: Howard Glines, Loup Basin RC&D; Carolyn Hall, North Central Nebraska RC&D; Sheila Luoma, Coordinator, Loup Basin RC&D.

Back row left to right: Joel Klammer, Coordinator, North Central Nebraska RC&D; Jim Crandall, UNL Nebraska Cooperative Development Center; Linda Fettig, Executive Director, Rural Development Commission; Dale Melia, Loup Basin RC&D and Richard Bolli, Loup Basin RC&D.


The Loup Basin RC&D and The North Central Nebraska RC&D recently completed a biomass feasibility study for possible business development in the area. This feasibility study was the result of a $13,820 Agricultural Innovation and Value-Added Agriculture grant funded by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development administered by the Nebraska Rural Development Commission. This feasibility study focused on developing a business to add value to harvested biomass (cedar trees). The main focus of the study was converting this biomass into wood pellets or wood briquettes for home and business heating.   The study was compiled by the UNL Nebraska Cooperative Development Center with assistance from the two RC&D’s 15 county biomass committee.

The complete feasibility study is available at the Loup Basin RC&D office if you are interested in a copy.

The Loup Basin Nebraska Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Council and the North Central Nebraska RC&D sponsored this project.


The 15 County Bio-Business Friendly Energy Group is a project of Loup Basin RC&D Council and the North Central Nebraska RC&D.


Richard Bolli