Elyria is home to nine large greenhouses, covering 13,000 square feet, run by George and Sharon Boe, which are filled to capacity on opening day in spring. Perfect ripe tomatoes are available as early as April 1, along with cucumbers. They are open until July 1.

The first Sunday of October is the date of Elyria’s Pumpkin Festival, where everyone gets a free slice of pumpkin pie. One can also enter the pumpkin carving contest or simply watch and eat lunch. There is also a craft show at this time.

This tiny village of sixty people is home to a well-drilling shop, a bar, a busy community hall and a K-6 school system. Historic and famous Fort Hartsuff is just four miles north, on the paved county road.

Country Neighbor, near Fort Hartsuff, offers very fine midday meals and catering.

Miniature horses and Herefords can be viewed at Turtle Creek Exotics, which is ½ mile south and two miles west of Elyria. Breeding stock is available and steers that have been raised organically can be purchased. An up-to-700-pound bull is just right for a family. The proprietors, Bob & Rosemary Nelsen, have won prizes with the Herefords at the Denver Stock Show. (Tel: 308-728-5949)

The Riverview Cabin Retreat sleeps six. Located off Hwy. 11 5.5 miles north of Ord or at www.riverviewcabinretreat.com or 308-728-7985