St Paul

St Paul, Nebraska (pop.2,220) is located 30 miles north of I-80 and 20 miles north of Grand Island with its airport, freight-train service, and all its services, shopping, and cultural activities.

A four-lane highway from Grand Island has been completed to within nine miles of St. Paul and will go the final distance in 2009.

St. Paul has excellent educational and medical facilities, plus quality housing stock and pleasant, shady streets. A historic main street, with a famous Baseball Museum and a block-long Historical Village nearby, is situated near the beautiful Howard County courthouse, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Historical markers for a favorite son baseball hero and a 100-year old church are on or near Main Street. An annual festival in honor of baseball great, Grover Cleveland Alexander, is held the weekend after July 4. Six churches, Rotary, PEO, community foundations, dances, a community theater group, active school sports and musical events provide constant and agreeable entertainment.

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