Hall of Fame

Richard Bolli – MidWest NTC

Richard, a retired Natural Resource Conservation Service employee, began his career in RC&D in 1970 as District Conservationist at Crawford part of the Panhandle RC&D in Nebraska, then serving as Coordinator of the WesMin RC&DArea in Minnesota for 7 years, then the coordinator for the Golden Hills RC&D Area in Iowa where he served for 7 years. In 1988 he became regional RC&D coordinator for the Midwest Region until his retirement from government service in 1997. His active service to RC&D areas proved invaluable and his sphere of influence extended to the national office of NRCS, providing valuable input to the management of the RC&D program as well to the Midwest RC&D Region.

Mr. Bolli was one of the co-authors in the rewriting the National RC&D Handbook in the early 1990s and was active as an instructor at national and regional workshops and RC&D I courses. His experience with the RC&D program led to advising the program planning committee putting together the program for the 1st National RC&D Conference in Memphis in 1994 and the second one in St Paul, Minnesota.

Richard was known for his championing the need for good planning before any implementation of projects. Totally dedicated to RC&D and helping others improve their well being, Richard has given unselfishly of his time and energy and is always looked up to by all he worked with for his dedication and integrity.

Inducted: July 2009

Richard now lives at Burwell Nebraska and is the Chairman of the 15 County Bio-Business Friendly Energy Group for the Loup Basin RC&D Council and the North Central Nebraska RC&D Council.

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