Circle of Diamonds

NARC&DC’S Circle of Diamonds Standard of Excellence 


The Circle of Diamonds program highlights the invaluable work that RC&D Councils perform in their communities and recognizes the good stewardship practices that Councils have put in place. The program is a proactive means for RC&D Councils to demonstrate that they are complying with the basic requirements of the RC&D statute (Public Law 107–171, Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002, Sections 1528-1537) and best  non-profit management practices. The program has three tiers or levels: Tier I or “Basic,” Tier II or “Enhanced,” and Tier III or “Premier.”

More than anything, membership in NARC&DC’s Circle of Diamonds demonstrates the honesty, integrity, and strong commitment of RC&D Councils to the RC&D mission of “Making Things Happen.”

Tier II – Enhanced Members      
Council Name State Region Member since:
Loup Basin RC&D Council Nebraska West March 2011